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Sunday 27 September 2015

Mollymook Milton Pony Club Grounds

Matron Porter Drive Narrawallee

8.30 am Start

Day Membership $10.00 (Insurance) unless a member of EA

Clear Round Jumping $3.00 per class – 2 rounds per height – maximum 2 consecutive heights

40cm, 60cm, 75cm. 90cm, 110cm

Slalom Run Entry $5.00

Basically everyone picks a partner out of a hat (you need an even number of entries). Set up two mirror image courses on either side of the ring with the first and last jump being the same jump, set up right in the middle of the arena right next to each other. Both horses lined up facing the opposite direction of the first jump. The whistle blows and you wheel around and start the course. The first person to get all four feet on the ground after the last jump wins. All rider levels will be accommodated fairly.

Derby Hunt Teams Entry $5.00 - teams will be allocated on the day

This event is similar to a cross country course but conducted in a flat arena, two mirror image courses set up side by side, various jumps with different degree of difficulty, ranging from cross rails to higher jumps. All rider levels will be accommodated to ensure fairness.

Zig Zag Course Entry $5.00 - if time permits

Easy to build and surprisingly difficult to ride. Build about seven jumps in a zig-zag line down the centre of your arena. Riders pick their own line and have an allotted time to jump as many fences as possible. They can jump each fence twice, each fence can be jumped from either side. The winner is the rider who jumps the most fences clear. If there is a tie, have a jump off on a course decided by the judges. It is terrific fun.      


Our objective for the day is to hold an event with a difference, making it fun for riders and spectators alike. All riding levels will be accommodated to the best of our ability and all safety precautions will be taken to ensure this is a fun and exciting day. You can Google these events for photos and video, to find out more about them.


Canteen, lucky door prizes, raffles. Some yards available.

All enquiries to Bec - 0423 460 460, Mandy - 4454 0377 Jane - 0407285502


All riders ride at their own risk

ASNZ 3838, EN 1384, ASTN F1163 approved helmets must be worn at all times whilst mounted.

Boots must also be worn

Collared shirt with sleeves to be worn for sporting

UDRC accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to riders, horses, equipment or property

The committee reserves the right to change the program on the day

The Judges decision is final

No refund on tickets

All dogs must be on a leash at all times

All complaints to be made within 30 minutes of event and to be accompanied by a $20.00 fee (non refundable)

No parents to be inside the arena unless leading a child (tiny tot) or child with a disability competing in a ridden class (due to insurance regulations)

No alcohol permitted on the premises

Stallions to be handled by 18yrs and over and to be appropriately bitted or chained

Thank you for your participation and we hope you have an enjoyable day.

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